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Forging for high-performance components

Any metal can be forged at high pressures. Aluminum differs from other metals because it allows for light and efficient components with high durability and resistance to fatigue and corrosion.
Forgialluminio's mechanical presses, with power between 200 and 5600 tons, allow for the production of components up to approx. 50kg unit weight with a volume included in a diameter of more than 600 mm or having a maximum length of approx. 1,000 mm.

and versatility

The mechanical strength of forged parts is very high due to the arrangement of the internal grain obtained by forging the metal.
The elongation characteristics and elasticity limit are remarkable when compared to other production techniques.
After forging, parts can undergo a variety of treatments: solution heatings at different temperatures and speeds, tempering, aging, mechanical treatments, etc.
The choice of forging is often the most economical solution even for the production of complex parts and/or in small series, since it allows minimizing the amount of raw material used and the amount of metal to be removed by machining.

Characteristics of the forged part

The characteristics of the forged part can be summarized as follows:
•  homogeneous and porosity-free structure;
•  maximum strength values in all alloys (tensile strength, alternating bending fatigue limit, elongation and resilience);
•  absolute liquid and gas tightness due to the absence of porosity;
•  particularly clean and smooth surfaces;
•  high dimensional accuracy with tight tolerance ranges;
•  high corrosion resistance;
•  good electrical conductivity.

Forgialluminio - Processes - Forging
Forgialluminio - Processes - Forging
Forgialluminio - Processes - Forging
Production processes

Forgialluminio has been producing hot forgings in different hard aluminum alloys for more than 60 years. We are the partners of some of the most relevant Italian and international companies, providing complete support in the different stages of development of the forged component. We make a project concrete by combining skills with high-level machinery, equipment and instruments.

Forgialluminio - Processes - Forging
Forgialluminio - Processes - Forging
Forgialluminio - Processes - Forging

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